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What are the advantages of steel radiators?
Posttime:2023-07-03 From:超级管理员

What are the advantages of radiator steel?

The pipeline is large, the water storage capacity is large, coupled with the characteristics of steel, the thermal insulation performance is good;

Strict grinding, pickling, phosphating, filling and anti-corrosion spraying process.

The wall thickness of the steel two columns we produce is 1.5MM, the pressure is 1.8PM, and the actual collective pressure is less than 0.8PM


   Radiators need to rely on hot water circulation to dissipate heat, less than 3 pieces, which cannot realize water circulation Single group radiators, the minimum order is 3 pieces, less than 3 pieces, cannot be used in production. For details, please consult Nasvorn Radiator.


   The radiator is a customized product, some products have a small amount of stock, and the custom period is 7-10 days without stock. For urgent details, please consult online customer service.


   The above mark is center distance 600 mm, [300-1800 mm can be customized]. Tell us how high and how many rooms you need to install in your area.

   General energy-saving buildings need 80W of heat per square meter, while ordinary buildings need 100W of heat to calculate, that is, the building area (single column heat dissipation 80W) = the number of radiators required.

   There are wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation methods, and special accessories are designed for customers to choose;

   The above is the price of a single column, and the price is different at different heights. Oupai Radiator specializes in the production of radiator steel. For details, please consult Nasvorn Radiator.

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