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What styles of steel radiators are there?
Posttime:2023-07-03 From:超级管理员

As a heating method, radiators are developed and produced using new technology. The fireplace is used to add thermal circulating water, and then the radiator transmits an appropriate temperature to form an indoor temperature difference. Finally, the thermal cycle is carried out to make the entire indoor temperature rise evenly. Then, next, the radiator manufacturer Nasvorn Radiator Co., Ltd. will introduce the style of the radiator and its advantages.

What styles of radiators are there?

1. Radiator type cast iron

   Cast iron radiators are not easy to corrode and have a long service life. However, it is easy to cause environmental pollution during the production process, the appearance does not meet the needs of modern and simple personality, and the market share is low.

2. Aluminum radiator

   Aluminum radiators are cheap and have strong heat transfer capabilities, but they have poor corrosion resistance and have certain requirements for water quality. They cannot be used in alkaline water, but they can prolong their service life after internal anti-corrosion treatment.

3. Steel Radiator

   Steel radiators are one of the mainstream radiator products on the market because of their high cost performance, various styles, environmental protection, and light weight. However, it is best to choose a brand with internal anti-corrosion when purchasing to increase the service life of the steel.

4. Copper-aluminum composite radiator

   Copper-aluminum composite radiators have strong corrosion resistance and good heat dissipation performance, and can give full play to their advantages of fast heat dissipation and fast heating, but the price will be more expensive.

Advantages of radiators

1. Healthy and comfortable

   The radiator is heated comfortably, and the temperature can be controlled between 18-22. The radiator is heated by water circulation, which will not cause dryness and anger.

2. Safety and energy saving

   The radiator is safe and energy-saving. Compared with electrical products such as electric blankets, electric heaters, and air conditioners, it is more cost-effective and has no leakage problem. Plus, it costs about 35 percent less to heat than air conditioners.

3. Fashion style

   The radiator is relatively fashionable, and can create a unified and harmonious home decoration style, which is favored by consumers. It can create a simple but not simple, fashionable and atmospheric style, and show the owner's unique life taste.

4. Easy to install

   The radiator is easy to install, usually it can be completed in 2-3 days, and it will not affect the normal home life.

Editor's summary: The following are the characteristics of the radiator style and the advantages of the radiator. Hope it helps you. For more information, you can pay attention to Nasvorn Radiator.

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