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In 1992, Naesehorn established a new production base for steel panel radiators. To ensure the latest product quality and achieve mass production, Naesehorn selected top-of-the-line production lines, including welding and spraying lines from Switzerland, as well as machining and pressing lines from Germany.

Currently, Naesehorn operates a range of products, including steel panel radiators, heated towel rails, and heating hardware. With five modern production lines, they have a global manufacturing base with an annual capacity of up to 3 million sets.

Naesehorn is one of the earliest radiator manufacturers to obtain ISO9000 certification. Currently, their steel panel radiators have obtained certifications such as DIN, BSI, NF, GOST-R, UKRSEPRO, EMI, and other national certifications, including EN442 standard certification.

Naesehorn's vision is to meet customers' needs with high-quality products, a wide variety of offerings, and innovative design concepts. Furthermore, Naesehorn is committed to providing long-term, stable, and reliable premium products and services to customers worldwide.

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