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Steel plate raw materials, the best low-carbon  cold-rolled strip steel plate in Europe, the high-quality raw materials are the  basis for the production of high-quality radiators.

The basic cleaning process, such as degreasing and  phosphating, uses the latest environmentally-friendly nano-coating to maximize  the corrosion resistance of the radiator.

The latest die casting technology in Germany makes  the waterway of our products very flat.

The second-generation KTL electrophoretic primer  process allows the water-based wet paint to be evenly covered in all parts of  the heat sink to ensure the strength of the finished patent.

The fully automatic matching panel and the  ring-turning embedded loading system can deliver the precise delivery of the  waterway welding line most efficiently.

Epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating is used  to form an impact-resistant smooth surface of the multi-layer paint.

The advanced solder joint process at the waterway  allows the panel of the product to look very smooth at all angles of light.

Each group of radiators is affixed with a product  tracking code to enhance the quality monitoring scope of the products and  fulfill our service commitment to the end consumers.

Regular maintenance of the production line to achieve  zero error in the joint part.

Fully automatic blister packaging, automatic matching  double-layered bubble paper and nylon packaging according to the model size of  each set of radiators, with widened corner protector for all products before  leaving the factory.

Each set of radiators is tested for water pressure of  13 bar to ensure no trachoma and side leakage in the finished product.

The introduction of the 4-axis robot to complete the  final step of the fully automated production line, the final product is placed  on the designated tray accurately and safely, greatly increasing the  transmission efficiency and safety.

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