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What are the installation steps of steel radiators?
Posttime:2023-07-03 From:超级管理员

Steel radiators occupy a large share in the market due to their excellent cost performance. At the same time, due to the characteristics of radiator steel, it has been favored by many consumers. But the installation of radiator steel requires more attention than radiators made of other materials. Let's take a look.

   1. Steel radiators must be installed and maintained by experienced personnel according to the instructions.

   2. Determine the size of the installation location according to the installation progress, and check whether the accessories are complete.

   3. When installing connectors, plugs and exhaust valves, apply lead oil evenly on the threaded parts. The radiator should be secured with a wrench. Then tighten the screw head, plug and vent valve with a wrench. Do not use too much force as this may damage the heating radiator or the threads of the radiator.

   4. Drill holes with a suitable drill bit according to the installation drawing, and pre-fix the hook with expansion bolts. The wall at the hook is not less than 3 times the load-bearing strength of the steel heating radiator. Install the bracket according to the installation bracket diagram, adjust the position of the spreader, and fix the steel radiator.

   5. The axis of the inlet and outlet pipes should be consistent with the center distance of the radiator.

   6. Installation of steel radiators with 4, 5 and 6 uprights. If bracket installation is used, the number of deployment hooks should be appropriately increased according to the specific number.

   7. Connect the inlet valve and outlet valve to the corresponding interface of the steel radiator and tighten with a wrench.

   8. After the steel radiator is installed, test the radiator at a pressure not lower than 1.5 times the working pressure. And there must be no leakage at the valve body and threaded connections.

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