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How to expand the heating effect of steel radiator?
Posttime:2023-07-03 From:超级管理员

The heat dissipation effect of the radiator is directly related to the material of the radiator, the water temperature of the heating environment and the installation of the radiator. Under the same external factors, how to use radiator steel to heat and maximize the heat dissipation effect? Let's take a look at Tong Xiaobian.

steel radiator

How to maximize the heat dissipation effect of radiator steel?

1. First, measure and buy your radiator.

   The heat dissipation effect of the radiator is closely related to the heat dissipation area and water storage capacity. If the radiator steel has a large heat dissipation area and a large water capacity, the heat dissipation effect is better and the constant temperature effect is the best.

2. Determine the installation position of the steel radiator

   Generally speaking, the airflow in these places is very fast, and the cold air coming in from the inside is heated, and then enters the room in the form of air convection, making the room warmer. The 00-926 also keeps warm and cool air indoors.

3. The working principle of radiator steel is mainly radiation and convection.

   The convection effect will be more pronounced if the air flow is smooth. We can solve this problem by improving indoor air circulation. For example, we can install steel radiators near the windows to directly heat the incoming cold air. The indoor air circulation is good, and the indoor heat is relatively uniform, which can increase the indoor temperature.

4. Avoid covering steel radiators

   The heat of radiator steel mainly depends on the combination of radiation and convection. Remember to wrap the radiator, or wrap the radiator with decorative materials and stick it on the wall, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation of the heating system, and the indoor temperature is far below the expected effect.

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